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In pictures: Afghan drought bites hard

Boys from Syakamarak village with donkey

Life for villagers in the west of Afghanistan is becoming tough due to drought and fighting between Nato forces and the Taleban. (Pictures by Jenny Matthews/Christian Aid)

Maryam and her granddaughters collect small sticks in Herat province

For many people, it is a struggle to find food, water and fuel. Aid agencies warn that matters can only get worse as winter intensifies.

Mother Jan Bibi with her surviving twin Merzia in Syakamarak village.

Mother Jan Bibi says that life has become so hard that she is not sure whether her surviving twin will keep on living.

Elia Ahmad, mother of a son called Jan, aged four months, who starved to death.

The UN says that 1.9m people are at risk because of the drought, with many people only surviving on meagre diets.

Huscha village, Herat province. Young hungry girl with stale bread soaked in water.

Not only is food scarce, but each day children as young as six are sent to collect water from taps or wells.

Saykamarak village. Cemetery. Local people praying at the graves of their dead babies.

As life becomes harder, it is often babies and the very young who do not survive and have to be buried.

Baby Merzia in Sya Kamarak village

Baby Merzia in Sya Kamarak village is aged only three months. Her twin sister Nazia starved to death. She too faces a battle to survive.

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