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In pictures: Moscow Millionaire Fair

A diamond-encrusted mobile phone on show at Moscow's Millionaire Fair

A visitor to Moscow's Millionaire Fair eyes up a diamond-encrusted mobile phone, priced at $1m (520,000).

An interior decoration display at Moscow's Millionaire Fair

Asked what distinguished Russia's rapidly expanding millionaire class from foreign millionaires, the show's founder Yves Gijrath told the Moscow Times: "They spend more."

A gold baby's dummy on show at Moscow's Millionaire Fair

A gold baby's dummy is on offer. Fashion writer Alexander Vassiliev says taste among the new rich is unsophisticated. "I don't think there is any elegance," he says.

A Bugatti Veyron supercar on show at Moscow's Millionaire Fair

One of the star buys is a Bugatti Veyron supercar, costing $1.4m. Last year's Millionaire Fair turned over about $600m, and the organisers are hoping for more this year.

Bovet watches on show at Moscow's Millionaire Fair

Besides gem-encrusted Bovet watches, one could buy helicopters, horse-drawn carriages, a house on a tropical island - or the island itself.

A necklace on show at Moscow's Millionaire Fair

With 88,000 Russian millionaires emerging in less than two decades, according to Forbes magazine, it may be getting harder to stand out from the crowd.

Visitors smoke cigars at Moscow's Millionaire Fair

Wealthy Russians enjoy capitalist luxuries that were forbidden fruit in the Soviet Union.

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