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In pictures: Oaxaca clashes

Mexican riot police

Mexico's President Vicente Fox ordered federal forces into the southern city of Oaxaca after further violence in a long-running dispute involving thousands of striking teachers.

Police firing tear gas

Tear gas was fired at the crowds of activists who have been occupying the colonial city of 600,000 inhabitants.

Riot police pushing protesters back

Hundreds of officers then began forcing their way into the city, pushing the crowd back.

Man throwing fire extinguisher at riot police

The trouble began in May, with a strike by teachers for higher pay. But they went on to demand the resignation of state governor Ulises Ruiz, accusing him of corruption.

Protesters pushing riot police

The police were backed by armoured vehicles and water cannon as they pushed into the city.

Burning barricade

Even burning barricades were not enough to halt the police advance.

Protesters battle riot police

The protesters - mainly striking teachers - were forced out of the city centre, ending a five month occupation.

People carry an injured man after clashes between unidentified gunmen and protesters

The five month standoff had descended into frequent violence. In the latest outbreak, three people were killed including US journalist Brad Will.

Three firemen with hands tied behind their backs after protesters held them for trying to remove a truck used as a barricade

With few police around, people sometimes took the law into their own hands and meted out their own punishments for alleged offences.

Children outside the Emiliano Zapata school closed by striking teachers in Oaxaca

The strike has left more than a million children across the state deprived of their education.

Children study in an improvised classroom set up by their parents at a car wash

Some parents have managed to make alternative arrangements - like this improvised classroom at a car wash centre.

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