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In Pictures: Coleridge heirlooms

The Chanter's House

The contents sale of the romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge's family home fetched nearly 1.5m at auction.

A portrait of Coleridge, dated 1812

A portrait of the poet, who was best known for The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Kubla Khan, went for 38,4000.

Constable water colour

The auction, which attracted international interest, saw a previously unseen John Constable water colour painting - 'Barges on the River Stour at Flatford' - sold.

William Butterfield's plans

Plans and drawings of The Chanter's House's redevelopment between 1814-1900 under William Butterfield were sold.

Judge's black hats

Robes, wigs and black hats worn by Coleridge family members of the judiciary were sold for 3,840 against a pre-sale estimate of 250 to 350.

Lord Coleridge

Sotheby auctioneer Harry Dalmeny said Lord Coleridge would miss the contents of the house "horribly".


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