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In pictures: Hungary protests

Riot policemen arrest protesters in Budapest, Hungary

Clashes have broken out in central Budapest between police and protesters as Hungary marks 50 years since the country's failed anti-Soviet uprising.

A protester on the streets of Budapest, Hungary

There are reports of tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannon being used to disperse protesters, who are angry at the prime minister's recent admission that he lied to voters.

Hungarian police fire water cannon on a group of protesters in central Budapest, Hungary

Protesters are demanding Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany's resignation. The letters held against the barricade spell the word "freedom".

Image of police tackling protester in central Budapest, sent in by Greig Callan

Several protesters were reported to have been injured during the city-centre clashes, which BBC News Website reader Greig Callan captured in this image.

A Polish man who took part in the 1956 anti-communist protests in Poznan, Poland, reacts during the commemorations for the 1956 Hungarian anti communist uprising

The protests have overshadowed official events to mark the 1956 uprising. Thousands were killed as the attempted revolution was quashed.

Riot police in Budapest, Hungary

Riot police cleared the square in front of Budapest's parliamentary building where protesters had gathered.

Official commemorations in front of the parliamentary building, Budapest, Hungary

Earlier in the square, events began to mark the demonstrations that led to the country's attempted revolution, in the same square, 50 years ago.

Dignitaries and foreign heads of states watch as the country's historic flags are paraded.

Dignitaries and foreign heads of state watched as the country's historic flags were paraded.

A man demonstrates in Budapest, Hungary

But elsewhere in Budapest, protests continued, sparked by Mr Gyurcsany's admission that he had lied about the state of the economy.

A hole in a flag reveals the protesters on the streets of the Hungarian capital, Budapest

Many are demanding that Mr Gyurcsany leave office. The capital saw three days of rioting in September.

Hungarian guards of honour carry the country's historical flags in front of foreign heads of states, governments and dignitaries.

And although foreign heads of state are in attendance, the country's opposition party says it will boycott events where the prime minister is speaking.

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