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Last Updated: Friday, 6 October 2006, 18:06 GMT 19:06 UK
In pictures: Russia-Georgia row

Georgians arrive in Tbilisi onboard a Russian cargo plane

Around 130 Georgians have been deported from Russia amid a worsening crisis between the two countries.

Deported Georgians disembark from Russian cargo plane at Tbilisi airport

Russia says it is cracking down on illegal immigration but this Georgian man says his visa is valid.

Georgian child outside Russian-run school in Tbilisi, where signs says Georgian children can no longer be taught there

The raft of punitive measures has not spared schools. A Russian-run school in Tbilisi has put up signs saying Georgian children are no longer welcome.

Russian students picket the Georgian embassy in Moscow

Tensions have escalated between the neighbouring countries since Georgia briefly detained four Russian officers last month.

Georgians hold an anti-war poster in front of Russia's embassy in Tbilisi

Georgia has long had tense relations with Russia, whom it accuses of supporting separatists in its rebellious regions.

Pro-Georgian demonstration outside Russian embassy in Kiev, Ukraine

Demonstrations have also spread to Ukraine, which has increasingly challenged Russian power.

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