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Last Updated: Thursday, 5 October 2006, 10:17 GMT 11:17 UK
Victoria at the Tory Conference

Victoria in Bournemouth

It was blue as far as the eye could see in Bournemouth during the Conservative Party conference.

Victoria meets Peter Ainsworth MP

Strolling along the scenic Bournemouth seafront I met my local MP, Peter Ainsworth.

Victoria meets Oliver Letwin MP

Oliver Letwin was extremely upbeat and said the conference had shown a united party that was preparing for government.

Victoria meets Liam Fox MP

I attended a fringe meeting where Dr Liam Fox outlined the Conservative plans for defence.

Victoria meets Iain Dale

On his blog Guido Fawkes branded Iain Dale and I "Tory Totty". I tried to find Guido to point out that, unlike Iain Dale, I was not a Tory.

Victoria meets Trevor Kavanagh

While I don't agree with much of what's written in The Sun newspaper I thought it was really great to chat to Trevor Kavanagh.

Cameron and Hague at a reception

I tried to get my photo taken with William Hague but he wasn't interested. So I followed him into a reception with David Cameron and took his photo anyway.

Victoria meets Alan Duncan MP

"Alan Duncan is far too nice to be a member of the 'nasty party', surely?"

Victoria meets Damian Green MP

I attended a meeting with the shadow immigration minister and the Refugee Council. It was nice to see people who genuinely care about the most vulnerable in society.

The BBC party

Attending the conference on behalf of the BBC meant there was one event that I, and other licence fee payers, were very definitely not welcome at.

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