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In pictures: Amish school shooting

Georgetown School in Paradise near Nickel Mines in Lancaster County

A man shot dead several girls and wounded others before killing himself at a school in the US state of Pennsylvania.

Georgetown School in Paradise near Nickel Mines in Lancaster County

The gunman entered the class and ordered all the boys and some adults to leave before tying up the girls and shooting them.

Police set up a cordon around the scene of the shooting

Police, unable to make contact with the gunman, stormed the school after several shots were fired in quick succession.

Ambulances and helicopters wait to transport victims to hospital

Seven people were found injured inside the school and were transported to hospital.

Amish people wait for news behind a police cordon

Meanwhile, members of the close-knit community waited anxiously behind the police barricade for news of loved ones.

Amish people gather behind a police cordon

Amish children aged six to 13 attended the school in the village of Paradise near Nickel Mines in Lancaster County.

Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Jeffrey Miller gives a news conference

Police named the killer as 32-year-old truck driver Charles Carl Roberts IV - he is not believed to be Amish himself.

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