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In pictures: Superdome reopens

Workers laying new turf in the New Orleans Superdome

The New Orleans Superdome has finally seen its first sports event since it was devastated in Hurricane Katrina. The $180m refurbishment of the venue took nearly a year.

Teenager holding a baby outside the Superdome in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

The Superdome came to symbolise the chaos of post-Katrina New Orleans, with more than 30,000 people sheltering there in the most basic conditions for four days.

Sports fan dancing in front of the New Orleans Superdome before the match

Though some have criticised the amount of money spent in a city where thousands remain homeless, most have seen the Superdome's revival as key to restoring local pride.

Members of New Orleans' emergency services in a tickertape parade

Katrina claimed more than 1,800 lives across America's Gulf states. Emergency workers were the first to enter the refurbished Superdome in a solemn tickertape ceremony.

Crowd of fans waiting outside the Superdome

More than 70,000 people turned out to watch local American Football team, the New Orleans Saints, play the Atlanta Falcons in their first match in the city since Katrina.

Members of bands U2 and Green Day singing in the warm-up to the game

Razzmatazz is an essential part of any American Football match. U2's The Edge and Bono (left and right) sang with Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day during the pre-game warm-up.

New Orleans Saints players take to the pitch amidst fireworks and celebrations

In the aftermath of Katrina many feared that the Saints would relocate away from New Orleans permanently, so their return to the Superdome turf was greeted with jubilation.

Atlanta Falcons player tackling New Orleans Saints runningback

The Saints have traditionally struggled at the bottom of the National Football League, and the home crowd was delighted by their confident 23-3 victory over the Falcons.

Superdome reopens in New Orleans
26 Sep 06 |  Americas

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