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Last Updated: Friday, 22 September 2006, 12:10 GMT 13:10 UK
In pictures: Gambia campaigns

Jammeh supporter waving a green flag

Election campaigning in The Gambia has been energetic with all three parties touring the country.

A masquerade player

Many take the opportunity to dress up and enjoy the razzmatazz...

Nadd supporter drumming

Drums and music have been an essential part of all the candidates' rallies...

Jammeh supporter playing the saxophone

... Here a saxophonists plays for President Yahya Jammeh.

President Jammeh's limousine

The president toured the country in his limousine throwing T-shirts from the sunroof to the delight of his supporters.

People eating sweets

Sweets in party colours were also given out to the crowds.

Nadd supporters greeting their leader Halifa Sallah

Here excited supporters of presidential candidate Halifa Sallah greeted him as his convoy arrived in the town of Brikama.

A man sells fans

The rallies are an opportunity to make money. People sell fans, often in party colours, to people baking in the sun listening to speeches.

Officials hand out water at a rally

And officials take pity on some handing out packets of water.


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