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In Pictures: Has it got to be Gordon?

Bob Geldof

Bob Geldof: "I've actually heard girls saying Gordon's sexy. Possibly that's why I kiss him so much."

Neil Kinnock

Neil Kinnock: "Gordon is clearly the next Leader of the Labour Party ."

Lance Price

Lance Price: "All politicians at a senior level are pretty odd characters. Some manage to keep their feet on the ground and give the impression of still being fully paid up members of the human race. Gordon Brown is sadly not one of them."

Charlie Whelan

Charlie Whelan: "I do expect Gordon Brown to have big announcements up his sleeve. He's always some big idea lurking somewhere."

Clare Short

Clare Short: "He's a bigger brain and a more serious politician than Tony Blair."

Dr Irwin Stelzer

Dr Irwin Stelzer: "He doesn't set much store by material wealth, doesn't quite understand why you want a great big car and a great big house because he doesn't and is quite happy not having them."

Sir Stephen Wall

Sir Stephen Wall: "Gordon Brown is more inclined, like Margaret Thatcher, to get in the car and drive to the edge of the cliff and see who jumps out first."

Has it got to be Gordon?
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