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Last Updated: Thursday, 21 September 2006, 12:46 GMT 13:46 UK
Sam Wheeler at Lib Dem gathering

Sam Wheeler with Michael White

As it was my first time a party conference I thought I should ask Michael White from the Guardian what to look out for. "See as much as you can, lad", was his advice.

Sam Wheeler at Electoral Commission stand

I had my "democracy" checked by "Dr" Nina at the Electoral Commission stand. I got the all-clear which means I have a thorough knowledge of the democratic process. Apparently.

Sam Wheeler with Vincent Cable

I gave Vince Cable a grilling about the party's tax policies. He said it was a myth that green taxes would hit the poor more than they would the rich.

Sam Wheeler with Chris Huhne

After lunch I cornered Chris Huhne. He refused to rule out whether he would ever run for leadership of the party again.

Sam Wheeler at fringe meeting

At a meeting on slavery and human trafficking the party backed a plan calling for a public awareness campaign to get people to report suspected cases of trafficking.

Sam Wheeler with Lembit Opik

As a history student I was interested in Lembit Opik's lecture on how the Holocaust should be crucial to schools' curriculum.

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