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In pictures: Nordic commuting

Oresund bridge (pic: Oresundsbron)

The 7.8km (4.8-mile) Oresund bridge between Denmark and Sweden, opened in 2000, provides a fast link for thousands of commuters. It used to take much longer by ferry.

Maria Christensen ready to board train in Malmo

Maria Christensen boards the 0742 train in Malmo. A Danish citizen, she is project manager at the Oresund University, grouping 14 higher education institutes.

Commuters on Malmo-Copenhagen train

The Copenhagen train is packed with commuters. Many more people commute to jobs in Denmark than to Sweden. A return ticket costs 186 Swedish kronor (14).

View of sea from Oresund bridge

As the train glides smoothly over the bridge all you see is the expanse of water - not the bridge itself. Above the railway track is the four-lane road link.

Copenhagen metro ride

At 0810 Maria takes the driverless metro at Oerestad for a 15-minute ride into central Copenhagen. The line is being extended to nearby Kastrup airport.

Maria Christensen in business meeting

A meeting with Christian Vintergaard at Copenhagen Business School. He is launching the Oresund Entrepreneurial Academy - a project to facilitate cross-border business activity.

Danish and Swedish money

The different currencies have not held back cross-border development. Both countries enjoy solid economic growth, but more commuters get paid in Danish kroner (bottom).

Maria Christensen in central Copenhagen

Maria checks the details of her afternoon meeting with Swedish officials in Scania - a region on the other side of the bridge which once belonged to Denmark.

Maria Christensen in second business meeting

Lars Whitt runs Oresund Direct, an information agency that helps develop the joint labour market. The languages are similar, so communication between Danes and Swedes is easy.

Maria Christensen back in Malmo

After a Danish lunch of smoerrebroed (rye bread with herrings or other toppings) Maria gets back to Malmo to meet Scania development officials.

Maria at gym

Time to unwind at the gym, a short bus ride from home. "I like the Oresund's proximity to Europe - it's so easy to commute," Maria says.

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