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British Jewish life and identities

Children lighting candles.Image Credit: Arnhel de Serra

Images from the Jewish Museum's Identities 2006 exhibition. Lighting candles for Hanukah, the festival of lights marking the Jewish struggle for religious freedom. Photo: Arnhel de Serra

Man tying tefillin round his wrist. Image Credit: Arnhel de Serra

Orthodox Jewish men wear tefillin, black leather boxes strapped to the head and arm during morning prayer. Boxes contain texts from the Bible. Photo: Arnhel de Serra

Bride and groom under canopy. Image credit: Contre Jour

A Jewish wedding ceremony traditionally takes place under a chupah or canopy. Photo: Contre Jour

Sima Blackman lighting candles.

Sima Blackman lighting Sabbath candles. Photo: Rena Pearl.

Two women - one Muslim, one Jewish - wear headscarves

Rimon Interfaith Group comparing Jewish and Muslim clothing. Photo: Rena Pearl

Anti-Zionist demonstration at Wembley conference centre. Image Credit: Arnhel de Serra

Anti-Zionist demonstration outside Wembley Conference Centre on Israeli Independence Day (Yom Ha'atzmaut). Photo: Arnhel de Serra

Children waving Israeli flags. Image Credit: Arnhel de Serra

Celebrating Israeli independence day at the Independent Jewish Day School in Hendon, north London. Photo: Arnhel de Serra

Stop the War Demonstration. Image credit  Ian Lillicrapp

Jewish groups opposed to Britain's involvement in Iraq campaigned against the war. Photo: Ian Lillicrapp

Woman dancing in front of seated crowd. Image Credit: Arnhel de Serra

"Punk" Purim party. Usually celebrated by children in fancy dress, Purim remembers the courage of Esther who saved Jews from annihilation in Persia. Photo: Arnhel de Serra

Jewish ex-servicemen at Remembrance Day Parade lower flags beside wreaths

Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women (AJEX) Remembrance Day Parade, November 2005. Photo: Ian Lillicrapp

Residents of Jewish Care attend communal Friday night dinner

Elderly residents at Jewish Care in Stepney, London, at a communal "Seder" or dinner. Photo: Ian Lillicrapp

Waiter Leon Nicholas. Image credit Rena Pearl

Leon Nicholas has been a waiter for 40 years at Bloom's Restaurant, Golders Green in north London. Photo: Rena Pearl

Marcel Wiel. Image Credit: Rena Pearl

Marcel Wiel campaigns for a better image for those with HIV. Photo: Rena Pearl


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