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In pictures: 1993 Mumbai blasts

A wounded stock broker being carried out of Mumbai's stock exchange building after the blast. (Photo: Fawzan Husain)

Serial bomb blasts rocked India's financial capital, Mumbai, in April 1993 killing 257 people and wounding 713. Photographer Fawzan Husain chronicled the events on that day.

Scene of Mumbai blast (Photo: Fawzan Husain)

There were 12 explosions all over the city. The bombings were believed to be carried out by one of the city's notorious underworld crime syndicates.

A casualty of the explosion being brought out of the state-run Air India headquarters.(Picture Fawzan Husain)

The motive of the bombers is said to have been to avenge the death of Muslims killed in religious rioting in the city during the preceding months.

The scene of an explosion in Mumbai, 1993 (Photo: Fawzan Husain)

Most of the bombs were car bombs, but some were placed in scooters. Banks, the passport office, hotels, an airline office, and a major shopping complex were hit.

One of the explosions was near the Mumbai office of the Hindu right wing group Shiv Sena. (Pic: Fawzan Husain)

One of the explosions was near the Mumbai office of the Hindu right wing group Shiv Sena.

The scene of an explosion outside the stock exchange building in Mumbai, 1993. (Photo: Fawzan Husian)

Mumbai recovered quickly from the shock. The police believe the mastermind of the plot was the fugitive underworld don, Dawood Ibrahim, who is believed to be living outside India.

Mumbai bomb attack verdicts due
11 Sep 06 |  South Asia

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