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Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 September 2006, 13:39 GMT 14:39 UK
Opera house stages Gaddafi show

Gaddafi: A Living Myth

Gaddafi: A Living Myth is being staged by the English National Opera (ENO) with Ramon Tikaram in the title role.

Gaddafi: A Living Myth

The show charts Gaddafi's rise to power, overthrowing Libya's monarchy in a military coup in 1969 and subsequent imposition of dictatorship.

Gaddafi: A Living Myth

It examines his volatile relationship with the West, particularly US President Ronald Reagan, played by Martin Turner.

Gaddafi: A Living Myth

The music for the "dub/punk opera" has been composed by Steve Chandra Savale and Asian Dub Foundation.

A scene from Gaddafi: A Living Myth

The ENO said the show draws on true events to highlight "a contradictory enigma and the power of myth" and themes of "power, politics and media representation".

Gaddafi: A Living Myth features the dictator's female bodyguard

Music will be performed by the ENO's orchestra, alongside musicians from north Africa. The show runs from 7 - 16 September.

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