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In pictures: Children's art of 9/11

'Osama's Toys' is by Annie Mak, age 17.

'Osama's Toys' was painted by Annie Mak, age 17. All images from, The Day Our World Changed: Children's Art of 9/11. Courtesy: NYU Child Study Center - www.AboutOurKids.org

By Andrew Emil, 15 years old

The collage 'Memorial' was created by Andrew Emil, age 15.

By Jackie, age 14. It is entitled 'Trying to Find Safety Within Each Other'.

'Trying to Find Safety Within Each Other' was painted by Jackie, age 14.

Joel Cruz, age 8

Collage by Joel Cruz, age 8.

By Rachel Blankfein, age 8

By Rachel Blankfein, age 8.

By Soobin Lim, 13 years old, entitled The Power of Love.

The Power of Love is by Soobin Lim, age 13.

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