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In pictures: Hurricane season

A boy bails off his surfboard while sailing off Cabo San Lucas on 1 Sep

Surfers took advantage of the high waves as Hurricane John approached Mexico's Baja California peninsula.

Mexican fisherman Pedro Suarez prays while holding a candle at the beach at Cabo San Lucas

But for others, like fisherman Pedro Suarez, there was nothing to do but wait out the storm.

A man walks under a tri-hull sailboat leaning halfway off its trailer in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Strong winds pushed this boat half off its trailer in an early sign of Hurricane John's strength.

A little girl collects water bottles in a hurricane shelter in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Hundreds of residents had already left low-lying areas to seek shelter.

Tourists wait at the airport in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.

Many of those holidaying in the Baja California area headed to the airports, hoping for a flight home.

US tourists rest in a temporary shelter in Cabo San Lucas

Other holidaymakers stayed put but moved to temporary shelters in their hotels.

Residents of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, reinforce the door of a house.

Others tried to protect their homes and businesses as best they could, blocking doors and windows.

A satellite image showing Hurricane John poised just south of the Baja California peninsula and Ernesto off the Carolinas.

As Hurricane John edged towards Baja California peninsula (bottom left of picture), Tropical Storm Ernesto lashed parts of the Carolinas (centre right).

Pedestrians walk across the National Mall in Washington DC in rain caused by tropical depression Ernesto Friday

Ernesto also brought wet and windy weather to much of the east coast of the United States.

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