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In pictures: Canary Isles migrant crisis

Migrant boat in Los Cristianos

By the end of August, nearly 19,000 African migrants had landed in the Canary Islands, smashing the previous annual record of 9,900 in 2002.

Los Cristianos beach

The men, women and children have made a hazardous journey in small boats, attracted by the lure of European prosperity.

La Tejita beach, Tenerife

They sometimes arrive dehydrated and exhausted on tourist beaches.

La Tejita beach, Tenerife

Tourists can provide water and juice, but not the medical help the exhausted migrants often need.

Red Cross help

Medical checks, and treatment, are provided by the Red Cross.

Migrants being taken from the beach

The migrants sometimes try to conceal their nationality to avoid repatriation. The EU has provided experts trained to establish their identity.

Los Cristianos

Despite the launching of an EU operation aimed at turning back migrants in African coastal waters, there are still days when arrivals number in the hundreds.

Asleep in Los Cristianos

Estimates of the number that have died in transit range from several hundred to 3,000. In 2006, about 5,000 had been repatriated by the end of August.

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