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In pictures: Stirling Prize

Welsh Assembly building

This year's entries into the Royal Institute of British Architects (Riba) Stirling Prize are nothing if not varied. Lord Rogers' Welsh Assembly building is one of his two entries.

Brick House, west London

The Brick House, by Caruso St John Architects, is unique among the entries as it is a private home. Riba praised it as "a tribute to the determination of both architect and client".

Phaeno Science Centre , Wolfsburg, Germany

A "revolutionary" building that "lets us experience space in ways that never seemed possible before", Zaha Hadid helped to create the Phaeno Science Centre in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Idea Store, Whitechapel

Adjaye/Associates' Idea Store in east London is essentially a local library. Riba described it as a "new departure for public buildings - both civic and inclusive, iconic and contextual".

Evelina Children's Hospital

Evelina Children's Hospital in south London is said to be "where the patient, not the institution, is given priority". Hopkins Architects are competing for the 20,000 prize.

Barajas Airport, Madrid

The sheer scale and complexity of Lord Rogers' Barajas Airport in Madrid "cannot be overestimated". The prize, which Riba holds with the Architects' Journal, is in its 11th year.

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