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In pictures: Ukraine mourns

Orthodox priests perform a service at the crash site

Orthodox priests performed a service at the crash site after Ukraine declared Wednesday a national day of mourning.

Workers remove a body from the crash site

Ukrainian authorities said most of the 170 victims' bodies had been recovered from the crash site.

Body bags are lined up on the grass near the crash site

Tents were set up near the site, , about 45km (30 miles) north of the Ukrainian city of Donetsk, to house a temporary morgue.

Local residents walk past wreckage of crashed plane with shocked looks

Local residents reacted with shock as they looked at the wreckage.

Relatives of crash victims arrive at St Petersburg airport to fly to Ukraine

Relatives of crash victims arrived at St Petersburg's airport, the flight's destination, to fly to the crash site.

Mourning relative at St Petersburg airport

Forty-five of the 160 passengers on the Pulkova Airlines flight were children.

Workers sift through wreckage of the crashed plane

Russian and Ukrainian investigators have divided the wreckage site into squares to look for evidence of what caused the crash.

The black boxes from the crashed plane are loaded into bags

Two "black box" flight recorders have been found amongst the crash debris. Investigators say they are in good condition and might hold clues as to what caused the crash.

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