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Last Updated: Tuesday, 22 August 2006, 15:05 GMT 16:05 UK
In pictures: DR Congo violence

A guard of current President Joseph Kabila takes up position in central Kinshasa

Forces loyal to rival presidential candidates in the DR Congo have clashed in the capital Kinshasa.

Congolese army troops patrol in Kinshasa on 22 August 2006

Fighting broke out on Sunday, shortly before the results of last month's election were due to be announced.

UN troops take refuge behind a wall near the Independent Electoral Commission press centre on 20 August 2006

UN peacekeeping troops close to the electoral offices were forced to take cover as the violence escalated.

Soldiers loyal to Joseph Kabila run through the streets of Kinshasa on 22 August 2006

Sporadic clashes have continued across the city centre and in the diplomatic quarter.

A tank of the presidential guard patrols the edge of the Congo river in Kinshasa on 22 August 2006

Heavy fighting has erupted near Mr Bemba's villa, from where 14 foreign ambassadors had to be rescued on Monday.

UN peacekeepers patrol in Kinshasa on 22 August 2006

The streets are virtually deserted and shops are closed as people are too afraid to go out.

A wounded man is led away from the fighting in Kinshasa on 21 August 2006

The violence has claimed the lives of at least five people and wounded others.

Guard of Joseph Kabila arrests a man outside the presidential palace in central Kinshasa

Amid the heightened tension, guards have been arresting people outside the presidential palace.

German soldiers of the EU force in Kinshasa on 22 August 2006

EU peacekeepers, who were on standby in nearby Gabon during the election, have been drafted in.

UN troops in Kinshasa on 21 August

Calls for both sides to end the violence and hold talks came from the UN, the EU and the Catholic Church.

A man puts up his hands outside the presidential palace in central Kinshasa

Neither presidential candidate emerged the winner from July's elections and a second round run-off is due to be held.


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