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In pictures: Lorca's life

Federico Garcia Lorca in Granada, 1919.

Federico Garcia Lorca in Granada, 1919, aged 21. (Photo: Rogelio Robles. All photos: Garcia Lorca Foundation)

Grupo La Barraca, 1933.

Lorca is second from left in this shot of the touring student theatre company La Barraca, in 1933.

Salvador Dali (left) and Federico Garcia Lorca in Cadaques, summer of 1927.

Lorca was a close friend of fellow influential artist Salvador Dali (left), here on holiday in Cadaques in the summer of 1927.

Lorca and Bunuel in at a fair in Madrid, 1923.

Among Lorca's other artistic friends was film maker Luis Bunuel (right), who emigrated after the Spanish Civil War.

Lorca (second left) and friends Seville, 16 or 17 December 1927.

Lorca (second left) was among the poets of the so-called Generation of 27, who took part in a year-long homage to 16th Century Spanish poet Luis de Gongora.

Garcia Lorca, Zenobia Campubri, Isabel Garcia Lorca, Emilia Llanos, Juan Ramon Jimenez and Concha Garcia Lorca, Granada, Jardines del Generalife, 1924.

Lorca (left) with family and friends at the Generalife gardens at the Alhambra in Granada, 1924.

Lorca (left), Margarita Xirgu and Cipriano Rivas Cherif at the Spanish Theatre of Madrid, 29 December 1934.

Lorca's highly acclaimed play Yerma opened in Madrid in December 1934. The tragedy tells the story of a childless woman in rural Spain.

Lorca with his nephew Manuel and niece Tica Fernandez-Montesinos Garcia, Granada, 1935.

Lorca's family lived in Granada and his poetry and plays are full of references to the region. He is pictured here with his nephew and niece in 1935.

Concha and Francisco, with Lorca and Isabel seated. 1917-1918

He had two younger sisters - Isabel (seated on his lap) and Concha - and a younger brother, Francisco.

Federico Garcia Lorca, Huerta de San Vicente, Granada, 1935.

He returned to Granada when war broke out. The poet was executed by Falange militia on 19 August, 1936.


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