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In pictures: DR Congo hospital

Bed pieces stored in a toilet

The Jason Sendwe hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo's second city, Lubumbashi, had been abandoned by its former management.

Women holding their babies

Patients used to have to pay doctors and nurses in person if they wanted any treatment.

People going into the hospital

The entrance to the hospital is now controlled - people used to walk through the hospital with their goats, while street vendors sold toys and sweets in the maternity unit.

Man sweeping up hospital grounds

Under new management, things are getting better and the hospital is much cleaner than it used to be.

Paediatric ward

Mosquito nets have been put up in some wards, to help fight the spread of malaria.

Chief surgeon Alphonsine Biuma

Chief surgeon Alphonsine Biuma says it is hard to work when the lights for the operating table do not work and nor do most of the sterilising units, but she says patients are not at risk.

Mechanic Jacques Kabeya

The hospital has its own workshop, where Jacques Kabeya repairs beds and whatever medical equipment he can, by taking spare parts from what is beyond repair.

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