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In pictures: Mid-East bloodshed goes on

Soldier's boot is seen on a bloody wall in Kfar Giladi, northern Israel

Sunday was one of the bloodiest days of the Lebanon conflict for Israel.

Israeli soldier looks at burnt out cars in the town of Kfar Giladi, close to the Lebanese border.

A barrage of Hezbollah rockets was fired into northern Israel. Ten reserve soldiers died in Kfar Giladi, when rockets struck a car park.

Soldiers take away a body after Katyusha rockets struck Kfar Giladi on Sunday

More than three weeks after this conflict began, Hezbollah's capability seems largely undiminished, prompting questions about Israel's strategy in this war.

Israeli air strike on Tyre

Meanwhile, diplomats at the UN were hammering out a draft of a resolution calling for cessation of hostilities on both sides.

Israeli ground troops in southern Lebanon, in an image provided by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF)

But Lebanon objected that the draft stopped short of calling for a complete Israeli withdrawal from its territory.

Crater from an Israeli strike in Tyre on Sunday

Israeli operations in Lebanon continued, with air strikes on various targets around the country - including the port city of Tyre.

Ahmad Assi weeps as he learns that his brother Ibrahim was killed, along with four relatives, when an Israeli aircraft bombed their house in  Ansar

At least 10 Lebanese died in the strikes - including Ahmad Assi's brother, killed by an Israeli bomb on Sunday in Ansar, southern Lebanon.

A Lebanese fisherman inspects his damaged boat at Ouzai port in Beirut on Sunday, following an Israeli air strike that destroyed many of the fishing boats docked at the port

With attacks on these fishing boats, livelihoods have been destroyed.

Lebanese citizens inspect the damaged bridge in the northern village of Arqa, Lebanon on Sunday, following an Israeli attack overnight

As the destruction of roadways and bridges continued, some parts of Lebanon are becoming virtually cut off from the outside world.

Rec Cross workers unload an aid shipment of medical supplies in Zahle, in the eastern Bekaa Valley, on Sunday

Many aid agencies cannot reach those most in need - or have insufficient guarantee of their workers' safety.

London protest march against Israeli offensive in Lebanon on Saturday

Protests against the Israeli offensive were held in Indonesia, Belgium and Egypt on Sunday - a day after tens of thousands took to the streets of London.

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