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In pictures: Getting aid to Lebanon

Damaged roads - (C) - ICRC/Jon Bjorgvinsson

Relief organisations like the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) are having to negotiate bomb-damaged roads to bring aid to the south of Lebanon.

An elderly woman mourns relatives, including her two-year-old grand-daughter, killed when a bomb fell on the family house in Tyre. - (C) ICRC/Marko Kokic

Some of the people needing aid are also in mourning for family members who have died in the Israeli attacks.

Nine-year-old Samah Chihab, injured in Tyre. - (C) ICRC/Marko Kokic

Hospitals are treating many children caught up in the violence, like this girl who was playing in front of her house in Tyre when a bomb fell.

Convoy heading away from El Noqoura - (C) - ICRC/Jon Bjorgvinsson

As well as bringing in aid, International Red Cross members have helped direct families trying to flee the fighting.

An elderly couple now living in a school in Tripoli receive advice. - (C) ICRC/Marko Kokic

The Lebanese government says a million people have been displaced by the crisis, many of them now camped out in schools and other public buildings.

Hassan and Mirvat An-Dahir camping out in Beirut - (C) ICRC/Marko Kokic

Other people, like this couple in Beirut, are having to live in the open because there is no room for them anywhere.

Red Cross ambulance hit by an Isreaeli rocket in an attack on Qana. - ICRC/Jon Bjorgvinsson

Red Cross ambulances have themselves been caught up in the violence - in this incident one patient lost a leg.

Ship - (C) ICRC/Marko Kokic

A naval blockade means relief organisations have had to negotiate bringing in aid. This ship holds a week's food for 100,000 families and other aid. Images courtesy of the ICRC.

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