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In Pictures: Bath's spa unveiled

The "Minerva" pool at Bath's new spa

Ten years in the making, Bath's new thermal spa is set to open on 7 August, after years of delays

The new Bath Spa

The spa's design blends old and new to link Bath's Roman and Georgian heritage with its future as a revamped spa city

The main "Minerva" pool at Bath's new spa

Some 1.2 million litres of water are produced by the city's hot springs every day, but for almost 30 years, they have been off-limits

The main "Minerva" pool at Bath's new spa

Now both residents and visitors will be able to bathe in the waters - but the spa has come at a cost: 45m, more than three times the original budget of 13m

The reception area at Bath's Spa

The project to reopen Bath's thermal springs, the "lifeblood" of the city, has been beset with problems

The steam rooms at Bath's new spa complex

The steam rooms are now ready for visitors - but a series of building problems and rows between the council and contractors had earlier seen their floors ripped out

Window cleaners putting the finishing touches to Bath's new spa

Vandals also added to the cost - twice they attacked this glass wall, smashing panels which cost a total of 160,000 to replace

View of the roof terrace at Bath's new spa

Four years later than planned, the spa will finally be welcoming guests to its pools, steam rooms, and treatment areas

The rooftop pool at Bath's new spa

The council and the complex's operators, Thermae Bath Spa, hope it will bring more tourists to the city and encourage them to stay longer

"Water is Best" statue outside Bath Abbey

Backers say the spa will "give the city back its soul", by reconnecting it with its watery past

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