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In pictures: Lebanon crisis

Civilians and rescue teams try to extinguish fires and search for survivors after an Israeli air strike on Tyre

Israel is maintaining its bombardment of Lebanon, as the conflict enters its third week.

People help a young Lebanese girl injured in an Israeli air strike on her home in the southern city of Tyre

A young Lebanese girl becomes another civilian casualty of the battle between Israel and Hezbollah.

An Israeli girl is treated for shock in an emergency room after a Hezbollah missile strike

The shock and suffering is also continuing in Israel.

An Israeli border policeman stands guard as firemen put out a fire caused by a Hezbollah missile strike in the northern Israeli city of Kiryat Shmona

Hezbollah has sustained its rocket-fire on Israeli towns.

Lebanese children arrive on the back of a truck in Beirut

The conflict is driving thousands of Lebanese people from their homes.

 A boy plays with a ball in a university being used as a shelter in Beirut

A boy amuses himself with a ball in a temporary shelter in a Beirut university.

A Lebanese woman recovers belongings from the rubble of a destroyed southern Beirut neighbourhood

Elsewhere in the capital, it is harder to pick up the pieces.

An honour guard lines the graveside of an Israeli paratrooper

The Israeli government is calling up thousands more reserves amid mounting military casualties.

An Israeli tank pushes across the border into southern Lebanon

The death toll and resistance have prompted questions inside Israel about its military strategy.

Evacuees from the southern Lebanon port city of Tyre upon arrival in Cyprus

Many of those caught in the crisis face an uncertain future.

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