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In pictures: Sizzling Europe

Children play in the fountains on the main square in Antibes, southern France

Fountains provide relief for children in Antibes, southern France. The heatwave is expected to last another week.

A volunteer in Lyon, south-eastern France, prepares some 3,000 litres of water for homeless people

Bottles of water are being rushed out to the homeless in Lyon. The French authorities called for extra medics as the heat took its toll.

People queue for cold drinks and ice cream in Paris

It is high season for tourism in Paris and long queues are forming for cold drinks and ice cream.

A polar bear enjoys a mackerel-flavoured ice cube at La Fleche zoo, western France

A polar bear enjoys a mackerel-flavoured ice cube at La Fleche zoo, western France. The snack is one way for the animals to keep cool.

Young people at sunset near the Bosnian town of Srebrenik

In Bosnia, where temperatures reached 40C, the best time to go out is at sunset. Here youngsters enjoy themselves near the town of Srebrenik.

Passers-by protect themselves with umbrellas from the sun on the Arno river in Florence

Umbrellas have become an indispensable accessory for tourists in Florence, which draws large crowds of visitors every summer.

Tourists relax by a fountain in front of Milan's Sforzesco Castle

The fountain at Milan's Sforzesco Castle helps tourists and locals cool off in the sizzling heat.

Two children shelter from the sun by lying on an art installation in Amsterdam

Northern Europe is also experiencing record temperatures: an art installation in Amsterdam serves as a good shelter from the sun.


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