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In pictures: Beirut's thousands of refugees

Coastal road south of Beirut, Lebanon

The coastal road leading from the south of Lebanon into Beirut is deserted. Many of the refugees are avoiding the road as it has been bombed.

Refugee family in Beirut, Lebanon

Families from the south are sleeping in a park in central Beirut before being moved to schools in the city.

Car damaged by Israeli strike, Beirut, Lebanon

The journey from the south is very dangerous. This car had all its windows blown out by an explosion from an Israeli air strike.

Ahmed Bayashi, refugee from southern Lebanon, in Beirut

Ahmed Bayashi, 33, arrived in the park last night from a village in southern Lebanon. An Israeli missile landed 100m (109 yards) from his home.

Refugee in Beirut public building

About 86,000 Lebanese refugees are staying in schools and other public buildings in Beirut.

Washing hangs on a makeshift line in a public building housing refugees in Beirut, Lebanon

The refugees say they want to return to their towns and villages but do not know when they will be able to.

Soup served to refugees of the Israeli assault in Beirut, Lebanon

Local organisations are providing the refugees with food and water. One man said the crisis was bringing Lebanon together.

Young boy plays in a refugee centre in Beirut, Lebanon

Many of the refugees say they fled the south of Lebanon for the sake of their children.

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