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Last Updated: Friday, 21 July 2006, 11:18 GMT 12:18 UK
Hot shots: Your heatwave pictures

A pub landlord keeps his cool

Kevin, the landlord of the Builders Arms in Stratford, says any customer is welcome to come along and join him in taking a dip in his newly acquired pool facilities. Photo: Ian Upton

Keeping cool under a waterfall

Petra Meeson's daughter and her friends cool off under a waterfall in Coventry.

Missy the dog in a paddling pool

Missy enjoys a paddle to beat the heat. Photo: Phil

Lightning strikes over Belfast

Not everyone has sweltered in a heatwave - Belfast was treated to a dramatic lightning storm. Photo: Mark Shaw

Starlings splash about in a bird bath

Starlings take advantage of the facilities in Paul Kristensen's garden to cool off.

Max the dog enjoys the River Dee

Joe Dooley's dog Max avoids the sweltering temperatures by splashing around in the River Dee.

Jacob and Freddie splash about

Jacob and Freddie enjoy a splash about in their paddling pool. Photo: Simon Welch

Columbo knows how to stay cool

Columbo the Basset Hound and Gwyn Gwillim know how to stay cool. Photo Enid Gwillim

Broken thermometer

Adam Prescott's thermometer couldn't cope with the hot temperatures in Hampshire.

Duffy keeps a cool head

Duffy keeps a cool head during the heatwave by using wet towels to stay at a comfortable temperature. Photo: Bev and Marc Doyle. Send your pictures to yourpics@bbc.co.uk

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