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Last Updated: Thursday, 20 July 2006, 17:53 GMT 18:53 UK
In pictures: Lebanon fighting

Israeli forces fire an explosive at suspected Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon as clashes erupt inside the Lebanese border.

Israeli missiles have targeted Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon as the crisis escalated nine days after it began.

An Israeli soldier wounded in frontline fighting is evacuated to northern Israeli town of Avivim

Fierce fighting between Israeli forces and Hezbollah has been waged inside the Lebanese border.

A wounded Lebanese man in southern Lebanese city of Sidon

Hundreds of people have been killed and injured in Lebanon since the fighting started.

Destruction in Beirut

The capital, Beirut, has been heavily hit, with Lebanese PM Fouad Siniora saying his country has been "torn to shreds".

Evacuations by the UN in Tyre

The evacuation of foreign nationals is being stepped up as the Israeli bombardment continues.

US landing craft at Beirut

The operation included US citizens brought out via USS Nashville landing craft on a beach north of Beirut.

Israelis linger at a public shelter in Nahariya, northern Israel

Hezbollah rockets have continued to rain down on northern Israel, killing more than a dozen civilians and injuring many others since the crisis erupted.

Israeli troops read Torah scrolls as they pray at Kiryat Shmona

Israel insists its campaign is justified to defend itself against the ongoing Hezbollah attacks, and to retrieve its two captured soldiers.

Displaced Lebanese take shelter in Beirut

But with the crisis in its second week, and with civilians on both sides bearing much of the brunt, the UN says the humanitarian crisis is worsening by the hour.

Anti-Israeli protests in Amman, Jordan

Protests against Israel's actions have been held in a number of cities across the Middle East.

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