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In pictures: No Mid-East reprieve

Israeli soldier next to tank firing missile

For an eighth day in a row Israeli jets have been bombing targets in Lebanon and Hezbollah militants in Lebanon firing rockets into Israel.

Abbas Khalil, wounded in an Israeli warplane missile attack in the southern village of Srifa, Lebanon, sits at a hospital bed in the outskirts of the port city of Sidon.

Young children were among the casualties. A missile injured this boy in the southern village of Srifa.

Locals look at damage in Nebatiyeh

One of the worst-hit places in Lebanon was the market town of Nebatiyeh.

Woman screaming upon seeing damaged homes in Nebatiyeh

For some, seeing their homes reduced to rubble proved too much.

Woman looking at truck debris in Hadath

Shop owners tried to salvage what goods they could.

Woman looking at destroyed truck in Hadath

But in the town of Hadath, where a truck convoy was bombed, there was little to salvage.

Medics treating woman in northern Israel

Meanwhile, over the border in Israel, Hezbollah-fired rockets are continuing to cause havoc.

Sapper looking at damaged Haifa bus

This bus was damaged by a rocket which hit a building in the port city of Haifa.

Woman saying goodbye to Israel reservist

As the violence continues Israel has called up its reserve troops. Here, a woman says goodbye to her partner at Beit Guvrin in southern Israel.

Women crying as they say goodbye

In Beirut there are emotional goodbyes too as many flee the city.

Australians boarding bus in Beirut

A huge evacuation is under way, with foreign powers getting thousands of their nationals out of the city. Here Australians wait to board a bus.

Foreign nationals registering for evacuation in Tyre

But many others, like these people in Tyre, are still waiting for news of how and when they can escape the violence.

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