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Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 July 2006, 11:07 GMT 12:07 UK
In pictures: Suffering deepens

A Swedish family weep as they are evacuated from Lebanon

Thousands of people are being evacuated from Lebanon, in an often traumatic operation described as one of the largest mass evacuations since World War II.

A Lebanese woman cries as her daughter and grandchild are evacuated

Many of those with dual nationality are leaving relatives behind, worried for their safety amid an ongoing Israeli military offensive against Hezbollah.

Israeli gunners fire artillery shells into Lebanon

Israel's military campaign against the Hezbollah militia, launched after two of its troops were captured, continued apace on Tuesday.

Destroyed buildings in the city of Tyre

In a grim daily routine, Lebanese examine the rubble of buildings hit by overnight bombing raids, here in the city of Tyre in the south of the country.

A worker looks for bodies in the wreckage of building in Tyre, Lebanon

Rescue workers comb the wreckage for any signs of survivors, or of people killed in the attack.

A man carried supplies of bread in Tyre

Those who cannot leave are gathering food supplies in an effort to see out the violence.

Israeli family in a Haifa shelter

In northern Israel, residents are becoming used to spending long parts of the day in rocket-proof shelters awaiting Hezbollah attacks.

An Israeli man weeps over the body of David Feldman at his funeral in Haifa

And emotional funerals are taking place for those killed by Hezbollah rockets in the northern city of Haifa.

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