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In pictures: Crisis deepens

Destroyed bridge in Beirut

Lebanon has been under Israeli bombardment and blockade since militant group Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid on Wednesday.

Gaping hole in a road bridge left by Israeli raids

Bridges and roads around the country have been hit.

Burning fuel tank at Beirut airport

Beirut international airport has been among the targets of the Israeli bombers.

Israeli ship Keshet patrols off the Lebanese coast

The bombardment has come from the sea as well as the air.

A crater caused by Israeli attacks

More than 60 Lebanese have died in the Israeli offensive. The Israelis have demanded the return of the two soldiers.

Children in an Israeli bomb shelter

They have also demanded that Hezbollah cease rocket attacks on Israel, where children have been moved to bomb shelters.

Israeli Adam Shuster (left) is helped by a neighbour after their apartment building in Nahariyya is hit by a rocket

Israelis in northern towns like Nahariyya have been under attack by dozens of Hezbollah rockets.

Israeli police search an apartment block in Nahariyya

Several Israelis have died in the rocket attacks and a number of buildings have damaged.

Lebanese citizens clean their shops in the Beirut suburbs of Dahyieh Al-Junubiya

In Beirut, residents have taken advantage of any break in the bombing to clean up their neighbourhoods, as here in Dahyieh - a Hezbollah stronghold.

Lebanese protest in the street after the Israeli attacks

Lebanese protesters shouted anti-Israeli slogans on the streets of Dahyieh following the attacks by Israeli forces.

Bomb damage to the Beirut-Damascus road

With strategic roads like the Beirut-Damascus road at Sofar in the Bekaa Valley targeted in the Israeli operation, Lebanese have had to find other means of travel.

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