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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 July 2006, 11:56 GMT 12:56 UK
Building site fire in NW London

Picture sent in by Dave Frampton

Dave Frampton spotted the fire shortly after it started from his office window in North Finchley.

Picture sent in by Nelson Monteiro

Fifteen minutes after the blaze started Nelson Monteiro caught these images in Hendon in NW London

Picture sent in by Alan Marshall

Alan Marshall watched from the British Library Offices in Colindale as flames engulfed the building site.

Picture sent in by Ben Hallinan

The Hendon Police Training College, a police station, homes and a student falls of resident were evacuated. Photo: Ben Hallinan

Picture sent in by Angus Gulliver

Angus Gulliver took this picture of the fire from the top floor of the John Kelly Girls Technology College in Neasden in North West London.

Picture sent in by Yousouf Tossoun

This astonishing picture of the massive fire was taken by Dean Crook who was at the Hendon Police Training Centre.

Picture sent in by Wei Yecheng

The fire took hold at two buildings under construction and also affected a nearby halls of residence building for Middlesex University. Photo: Wei Yecheng.

Picture sent in by Wei Yecheng

Wei, who's a student staying in the university halls of residence near by took this picture as the fire broke out. Photo: Wei Yecheng

Picture sent in by Ajamu Mutumwa

Ajamu Mutumwa, who was practising his photographic skills, spotted the fire from the roof of his home in North London.

Picture of the fire in Colindale, North London

Although more than 2,500 people moved to safety, no-one was injured in the blaze.

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