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In pictures: Israel offensive

Israeli artillery troops in southern Lebanon

Israeli forces have launched a major operation in Lebanon in response to the capture of two soldiers by the Hezbollah militant group.

Burnt-out Israeli Humvee

The Israelis were seized in an ambush on their vehicle close to the Israeli-Lebanese border on Wednesday morning that also left four soldiers dead.

Smoke billows from the Rafik Hariri International Airport in Beirut following Israeli air strikes

Rockets hit Beirut's international airport and targets across the south, damaging runways and closing the airport.

A crater is seen on the runway of the Rafik Hariri International Airport in Beirut after Israeli air strikes

The city's only international hub was hit early on Thursday, as Israel imposed an air and sea blockade on the country.

Lebanese men inspect the damage on a bridge of the main motorway between Beirut and southern Lebanon in the town of Damour, south of Beirut, destroyed by Israeli air strikes

Before targeting the airport, Israel launched night-time air strikes on bridges and roads in southern Lebanon.

Medics recover a body from rubble of a house in south Lebanon

At least 35 civilians have been killed in the raids, which also targeted homes in southern Lebanon.

Rescue work at destroyed house in Dweir, south Lebanon

In one house in Dweir, near Nabatiyeh, 10 members of a family, including eight children, died in an air strike.

A Lebanese man carries a baby over a damaged bridge

Bombings on the main road between Beirut and the south cut Lebanon in two.

The body of a woman is removed from an apartment block in Nahariya, Israel

Hezbollah responded to the overnight raids by firing a volley of rockets at the northern Israeli coastal town of Nahariya, killing one woman.

A family in a shelter in Nahariya

Across northern Israel, families headed for specially protected shelters to shield them from rocket attacks.

Damage to house in Safed

The town of Safed 15km (9 miles) inside Israel was hit by seven Hezbollah missiles killing one resident - the last time it was attacked was in the 1990s.

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