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Last Updated: Wednesday, 12 July 2006, 13:07 GMT 14:07 UK
In pictures: Israel-Hezbollah clashes

Israeli soldiers near the border with Lebanon

The two Israeli soldiers were captured by Hezbollah fighters near the Lebanese border on Wednesday morning.

Israeli artillery

Israel responded by pounding Hezbollah positions with artillery.

House burning

This house, which was hit by an Israeli shell, is believed to have been a Hezbollah position.

Israeli troops and military vehicles

Israeli ground forces then entered Lebanon to hunt for the missing soldiers.

Wounded Israeli civilian

Israeli and Lebanese civilians have been caught up in the fighting.

Beirut woman with Hezbollah flag waves guns

News of the soldiers' capture sparked celebrations among Hezbollah supporters in Beirut.

Palestinian celebrations

Palestinians in the Lebanese capital's refugee camps were quick to join in.

Israeli PM Ehud Olmert (foreground)

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has described the capture of the soldiers as an "act of war" by Lebanon.

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