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Last Updated: Monday, 10 July 2006, 12:58 GMT 13:58 UK
In pictures: Pakistan air crash

Plane burns at crash site

All 45 people on board perished when a Pakistan International Airlines Fokker aircraft crashed soon after take-off from the city of Multan and burst into flames.

Smoke from the crash site could be seen from miles around

It is not clear what caused the crash, but eyewitness reports suggest it may have been a technical fault. Bodies of the dead were charred beyond recognition.

Crash site

Technical malfunction is one line of inquiry crash investigators are pursuing. Witnesses say they saw flames coming from the plane after take-off. Others say it hit a power line.

Firemen at crash site

Some politicians recently argued that the planes should be grounded as they had flown more than the recommended hours, but officials said they were fit to fly.

Rescue workers take away a body from crash site

Rescue workers from the privately run relief foundation Edhi, the Civil Aviation Authority and troops helped recover bodies and sift wreckage for clues to the cause of the crash.

Crowd at crash site

Fires raged for about an hour, beating back residents and rescue workers.

No survivors in Pakistani crash
10 Jul 06 |  South Asia

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