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In pictures: Valencia train crash

An injured passenger is carried away after a metro train in Valencia

At least 41 people have been killed and almost 50 injured in an underground train crash in Spain's eastern city of Valencia.

Two women, believed to be relatives or friends of the crash victims, are led away from the scene medics

The derailment of two carriages caused the accident, local authorities say.

A policeman with a bandaged hand and a blood-stained shirt cordons off the area near the site of the crash

Some 150 people were moved to safety after the crash, near the Jesus metro stop.

People believed to be relatives or friends of one of the victims console each other

Relatives and friends waited anxiously for news as bodies were transferred to a morgue for identification.

Two relatives of suspected victims

Many were in for a long wait, as officials said many bodies were hard to identify because of the force of the crash.

An empty coffin is taken into a metro station in Valencia

Officials say excess speed and a collapsing train wheel may have been responsible for the crash - there are no signs it was caused by a terrorist attack.

Spanish police at the scene of the accident

Police were alerted by a phone call by a passenger trapped inside one of the carriages.

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