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In pictures: Entebbe hostages return

Aircraft carrying freed hostages arrives at Ben Gurion airport (pic courtesy IDF Archives)

Thousands of people gathered at Israel's Ben Gurion airport on 4 July 1976 to welcome the hostages home from Entebbe.

Freed hostages wave as they emerge from the aircraft (pic courtesy IDF Archives)

More than 100 civilians were flown back to Israel after they were freed in a lightning raid by Israeli special forces.

Two men hug as freed hostages are reunited with relatives (pic courtesy IDF Archives)

There were highly-charged emotional scenes as survivors were reunited with relatives.

Scenes of jubilation among freed hostages at Ben Gurion airport (pic courtesy IDF Archives)

Relief gave way to jubilation as Israel celebrated the hostages' safe return.

Religious man holding ceremonial shofar (pic courtesy IDF Archives)

The dramatic rescue ended the hostages' week-long ordeal and entered Israeli folklore.

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