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In pictures: Struggle for Balochistan

Dera Bugti

The town of Dera Bugti is deserted after months of fighting. The military has declared victory but it has come at a price.

Pakistani soldiers on the streets of Dera Bugti

The only people on the streets of Dera Bugti seem to be the military, and business activity seems almost non-existent.

Frontier Constabulary fort

The government is trying to strengthen Dera Bugti's military garrison and forts, many of which still bear the scars of war.

Balochistan National Party rally

Local political parties argue that all the central government wants is access to the province's huge natural resources.

Pupil at Dera Bugti school

Most classrooms in Dera Bugti have only a handful of pupils and few facilities.

Paramilitary training in Dera Bugti

The government is fearful of a guerrilla war and is determined to crush rebel forces speedily.

Arms haul in Dera Bugti

A huge amount of weapons have been seized by the authorities including landmines, rockets and explosives.

Electricity poles being erected in Balochistan

The government says it wants to develop Balochistan's infrastructure, and turn the area into an economic hub.

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