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In pictures: Stonehenge sunrise

Party at Stonehenge

Many people arrived on Tuesday and spent the night partying.

Sunrise at Stonehenge

The sun had to work hard to break through the early-morning cloud.

Red sky at Stonehenge - Gary Bray

Gary Bray travelled from Bristol to take some pictures of the sunrise but was disappointed with the weather.

People at Stonehenge

One reveller described the sunrise as "spectacularly unspectacular".

People walking towards the stones - Gary Bray

Overnight rain was blamed for a smaller turnout than previous years.

Sunrise -Paul McQuillan

Paul McQuillan from Coombe Bissett, Wiltshire, who took this picture, was among revellers at the stones on Wednesday

Sunrise - Simon Banton

Simon Banton, from Figheldean, Wiltshire, took this photo looking over the Heel stone. He said: "Boy was it wet there this year."

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