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Last Updated: Friday, 16 June 2006, 15:06 GMT 16:06 UK
In pictures: Iraq under clampdown

Bloodstained keffiyeh on the floor of bombed mosque

Bloodstained clothing lies on the floor of the Buratha mosque in Baghdad, where a suicide bomber slipped through tight security to kill least 11 Shia worshippers.

Elderly man receives care in hospital

At least 25 people were hurt in the blast, including this elderly man, receiving care in a Baghdad hospital.

Blood on walls of Buratha mosque

The mosque's imam said he had been the target of an assassination attempt. A blast at the same mosque killed 90 people in April.

Soldier halts traffic at checkpoint in Baghdad

The attack took place amid a massive security clampdown in Baghdad. Checkpoints were erected across the city and cars were banned from moving for several hours on Friday.

Football game on a deserted road

Friday's ban on traffic turned Baghdad's streets into an impromptu playground.

Boy retrieves damaged bicycle

In Baghdad's Sadiya district, a boy recovers a bicycle mangled by a bomb on Thursday night. Violence has continued despite the killing of al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Woman mourns in Baquba

A woman weeps for a relative killed in a in the city of Baquba. Zarqawi was killed in a US strike near Baquba last week. His followers have vowed revenge.

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