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In pictures - Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris in Hey Presto in 1965

Australian-born Rolf Harris, who has been made a CBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours, has been one of the UK's best-loved entertainers for more than 50 years.

Rolf Harris on the children's show Whirligig

Rolf Harris has displayed many talents, from singing and dancing to having an affinity with animals, but he is best-known for his often quirky style as an artist.

Rolf Harris in Swingin' Time in 1963

His early TV career in the UK saw him mainly featuring on children's shows for ITV and the BBC, including a regular spot on the 60s variety show Swingin' Time.

Rolf Harris in The Rolf Harris Show in 1968

In 1967 Harris was given his own BBC series, The Rolf Harris show. The mix of singing, dancing and Harris's art demos proved a big hit and the show ran for seven years.

Rolf Harris in Wildlife Spectacular in 1971

As Harris's career has progressed he has taken on new genres of shows, with animal programmes becoming a particular favourite.

Animal Hospital

Animal Hospital is the animal show for which Harris is perhaps best known. It ran for 10 years from 2004 and followed the day-to-day work of vets in Harmsworth, west London.

Rolf Harris on Children in Need

Despite his solo success, Harris has continued to be a popular guest on other shows such as Children in Need, where he performed his classic comedy song Jake The Peg.

Rolf Harris and Michael Parkinson in Star Portraits

And despite his many talents, Harris always returns to his art, fronting many hit series, including Star Portraits in which he paints well-known personalities such as Michael Parkinson.

Rolf on Art

The show Rolf on Art also proved a success, particularly when Harris called people to help him with a large-scale recreation of a well-known masterpiece.

Rolf Harris and his portrait of the Queen

Harris has seen his work displayed in places including London's National Gallery, but perhaps the pinnacle of his artistic career to date has been painting the Queen for her 80th birthday.

Rolf Harris and family

Harris is not the only artist in his family. His wife Alwen (left) is a sculptress and jeweller and his daughter, Bindi, is also a painter.

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