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Last Updated: Friday, 9 June 2006, 18:05 GMT 19:05 UK
Africa in pictures: 3-9 June

Algerians watch a World Environment day parade

Algerians look down from their balconies on a puppet in Monday's parade in the capital, Algiers, to mark World Environment Day.

Two German soldiers holding dogs dangle from a military helicopter in Germany

Two days later, two German soldiers and their dogs practise military manoeuvres from a helicopter prior to their unit's imminent departure to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Girl in Kenya

On Tuesday, a young girl leans against her mother while waiting for food at a feeding centre in the north-east of Kenya where there has been a severe drought...

Saudi Prince Al-Walid bin Talal at a feeding programme at Sankuri Public School, near Garrisa in north-east Kenya.

... On the same day, Saudi Prince Al-Walid bin Talal feeds rice to a young Kenyan girl on a school feeding programme, funded in part by the Saudi Arabian government.

Classroom in eastern Sudan

Meanwhile, schoolchildren in the east of Sudan attend class the day before in a hut in a camp for ethnic Beja people displaced by the fighting in the area.

Woman cooking in south Sudan

In another displacement camp in the south of Sudan, a boy watches his mother cooking on Wednesday ahead of a UN Security Council team's visit to the south's capital, Juba.

A Nigerian man buys petrol on the black market

On the same day a Nigerian man buys fuel on the black market in Lagos. Nigeria is Africa's biggest oil exporter but recent kidnappings have led to a 25% cut in production.

Islamist supporters in Somalia

Earlier in the week, Somali Islamists in Mogadishu celebrate the success of the Islamic Courts, whose militia seized control of the capital on Sunday from warlords.

Tunisian football supporters

Tunisian supporters in Germany cheer their World Cup side on at a friendly match ahead of the tournament that is opening on Friday.

Angolan forward Fabrice Akwa (r)

Also in Germany, Angolan forward Fabrice Akwa (r) signs a supporter's team jersey after a training session. For more on Africa and the World Cup listen to Weekend Network Africa.


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