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Last Updated: Tuesday, 6 June 2006, 07:35 GMT 08:35 UK
In pictures: Chile student protests

Chilean students chanting

Youths in the Chilean capital, Santiago, protest against the authorities as they demand changes to the education law.

Police arrest a protester

The protests turned violent on Tuesday, with riot police making hundreds of arrests.

Student aims catapult at police

A protester aims a catapult at police. The government has said it has already addressed some of the protesters' demands.

Cuba student gesticulates at riot police

Tuesday's strike was the second one called within a week in protest at the education system. The protesters want more concessions for poorer students.

Shopkeepers in Santiago

Shopkeepers in Santiago watch from shuttered premises. Many businesses were looted.

Protesters take shelter from a water cannon

Riot police used water cannons to disperse the protesters and quell looting.

Rally in Valparaiso

Demonstrations were not confined to the capital, Santiago. Thousands also marched in cities such as Valparaiso.


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