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In pictures: Mogadishu 'victory'

Islamic militia sit on a truck carrying an anti-aircraft gun they seized from the warlords

Islamic militia say they have taken control of Somalia's lawless capital Mogadishu after months of fierce fighting.

An Islamic militia member walks past vehicles seized from the warlords

Many of the secular warlords, who have controlled the city since toppling the government in 1991, are said to have fled.

A Somali militiaman at a protest over alleged US backing for the warlords on 2 June 2006

The Union of Islamic Courts called it a "new era" for the capital and urged residents to accept the new leadership.

An Islamist gunman patrols an area on the outskirts of the Somali capital Mogadishu

This year's fighting in Mogadishu has been the most serious in a decade. More than 300 have died in the last few months.

A fighter with a rocket launcher in Sisi neighbourhood in north Mogadishu on 4 June 2006

Clashes began earlier this year when the warlords united to tackle the Islamic Courts, whom they accuse of sheltering al-Qaeda militants.

A woman holds a copy of the Koran during a protest against alleged US backing for the warlord alliance on 4 June 2006

The Islamic Courts deny this and say their main aim is to restore a system of Sharia law to the city. They accuse the US of backing the warlords.

A protest against alleged US backing for the warlord alliance on 4 June 2006

The Islamists have had support from some residents who believe they will bring law and order back to the capital.

Islamic militias walk in Mogadishu's Deyniile neighbourhood after seizing it from warlord control

But others fear there are elements within the militia group who are pushing to turn Somalia into an Islamic state.

Somali militiamen with a tank they have seized from the warlords

The new transitional government, which took power in 2004, has indicated it now wants talks with the Islamists.

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