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Last Updated: Monday, 5 June 2006, 09:34 GMT 10:34 UK
In pictures: Germany's goth festival

Wedding outfits

This year's Wave-Gotik-Treffen (Wave Gothic Meeting) took place from 2-5 June in Leipzig. The annual festival regularly attracts around 20,000 goths to eastern Germany.

VNV Nation

The festival plays host to more than 300 acts, playing goth, death rock, neo-folk and medieval music. UK/Irish act VNV Nation receive a warm reception.


The festival also incorporates a massive bazaar and a medieval-themed market. This is open to the public and proves a popular draw for families.

Hair Dye

Sellers of hair dye do good business over the festival period. Black is still the most popular colour by a long way, but there are always plenty of injections of colour in the crowd.

Theatre des Vampires

Theatre des Vampires have a reputation for throwing fake-blood and props around the stage, but playing outside in the daylight detracts from their air of vampiric mystery.


Vigilante are the first Chilean band to play the WGT. Festival-goers come from around the world, and the tram which runs between venues is awash with European accents.

Goth fashion

The goth identity is also about fashion, but there is no such thing as an average festival-goer. The fashion runs from Matrix-style coats to brightly coloured Mohawks.

Catastrophe Ballet

German band Catastrophe Ballet play to a home audience who enjoy singing along with their catchy melodies. The band have a real sense of humour and excellent stagemanship.

Outdoor stages

In the Viking Market, a stage is set aside for neo-folk music. It is common to hear traditional bagpipes and flutes perform pieces inspired by early music updated to the 21st century.

Swedish goth act

Several acts, like this indecently-named Swedish band, have come out of semi-retirement for the festival, which guarantees an enthusiastic crowd of all ages.

Nitzer Ebb

UK band Nitzer Ebb performed after midnight, and received a huge roar of approval from fans who have never had a chance to see their heroes before.

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