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In pictures: The unseen Anne Frank

Anne Frank at desk

An exhibition of previously unseen photographs of Anne Frank, the girl who kept a diary detailing her family's attempt to evade the Nazis during World War II, goes on show at St Paul's cathedral in London.

Anne and Margot Frank in Frankfurt

Anne Frank was a 13-year-old Jewish girl who hid in an attic in Amsterdam to escape the Nazis. She kept a diary of her cramped life, but her family was betrayed and she died in a concentration camp.

Anne on the beach in 1934

To mark Anne Frank Day on 12 June teenagers are encouraged to nominate their friends and family for an Anne Frank Award, given to young people whose thoughts and actions have made a difference.

in 1938

The exhibition, Anne Frank + You, comprises many poignant childhood photos of Anne and Margot Frank taken by their father Otto before the family were forced into hiding.

Anne and Margot Frank in fancy dress

It also includes interviews with British teenagers discussing how the issues Anne contemplated in her diary, such as identity, freedom, racial hatred and conflict affect them today.

Anne in 1934

For more information see: www.annefrank.org.uk


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